Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats are amazing creatures, they have lived next to humans for centuries.

Dogs and cats became some of the first wild animals that were tamed by man. In the modern world, cats are still the favorite pets. For a long time keeping cats as pets, several breeds of cats have been identified, some of which were artificially bred by humans. Each breed of cats differs not only in appearance, but also in character and behavior.

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In total, there are at least 200 breeds of domestic cats. Most breeds weigh no more than 9 kg, Siberian and Maine Coons can reach 11-13 kg; an even greater mass is already a sign of pathology. The anatomy of cats is quite consistent with the structure of a small carnivore. In nature, cats hunt small rodents; by their nature, all cats are predators. By nature, cats are equipped with the devices necessary for hunting, such as sharp claws, predatory teeth, night vision, camouflage coat color.


Man tamed the cat mainly for the purpose of catching rodents that spoil the human food supply. But then cats became pets to create a pleasant emotional background in a person's home. Everyone knows how cats can purr, rub against a person's legs, and stroking a cat calms the nerves. For single people, the domestic cat often becomes a welcome companion in life.

Cats amuse people with their behavior, cats are playful, funny, children love to play with kittens. This is one of the main reasons why people in a family have a kitten.

Every owner of domestic cats needs to know the rules of keeping cats, the rules of feeding and care. All cats are predators and they need meat food, as well as fish.

Cats need to be walked, although there are cats that do not leave the house all their lives and this is not right. One of the big problems of keeping a cat in a human home is the litter box. Cats by nature relieve themselves where they want, so it is very difficult to accustom to one place. It is imperative to have a tray filled with filler, such as sand. Cats need to dig a hole, so they will look for a place to dig, which is just a tray of sand. In this simple way, the domestic cat gets used to the litter box.

The cat also needs a place where it will not sleep, it can be a box with soft bedding. Gradually, the cat will get used to a permanent sleeping place. The place of feeding the cat is very important, usually cats take away food throughout the house and eat in secluded places, which causes great inconvenience to people. It is necessary to determine a permanent place for feeding the cat, for example in the kitchen, the place should be calm, with a clean bowl for milk, and a bowl for food is important so that no one distracts the cat when feeding. The food for the cat should be put in the same place, so the cat will get used to the place of feeding.

Another problem for a cat owner is that cats need to sharpen their claws; for this, cats use upholstered furniture, sofas, armchairs, and sometimes carpets. Naturally, damage to furniture occurs, in order to avoid this, you need to make or buy a ready-made rack on which a cat can sharpen its claws, the simplest device of which is a vertical stick wrapped in a rope. The main thing is that it is convenient for the cat to use a special stand, and not other objects.

Cats, like other carnivores, are very fond of playing, so it will not be superfluous to have toys for the cat. For example, a soft bow, a small ball made of fabric, toys should be such that the cat can bite them. The most ancient toy for a cat was a ball of thread, you can roll it and bite and grab it with your claws.

Keeping a domestic cat is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Gradually, cat owners have a lot of questions that they want to get answers to.

On this site, several thousand questions and answers from pet cat owners are collected. We hope that everyone will find suitable information for themselves.

Cats are playful animals and enjoy various forms of play. Some of the common ways in which cats play include: Hunting and chasing - Cats are natural predators and enjoy chasing, pouncing, and stalking toys that resemble prey. Scratching - Cats use their claws to scratch and sharpen them. They also use scratching posts and toys to satisfy this behavior. Climbing - Many cats enjoy climbing and jumping from various heights. This behavior is not only playful but also helps them maintain their agility and coordination. Playing with toys - Cats enjoy playing with a variety of toys, including balls, strings, plush toys, and laser pointers. Interactive play - Cats also enjoy playing with their owners and engaging in activities that involve jumping, fetching, and chasing. Overall, play is essential for a cat's physical and mental well-being, and it also helps strengthen the bond between the cat and its owner.

Bathing of cats raises quite a few questions, cats by nature do not like water, you need to follow some rules to wash and bathe cats. You can read about how to properly wash a cat here. To get answers to your questions, please use the search on our website.