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  • Do cats prefer warm or cold milk?

    Many cats actually like milk, according to The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).

    If offered, cats often like to drink milk because it's fresh and cold, and some may enjoy the taste.

    Despite this, it's strongly recommended cats avoid ingesting milk.

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Mama Cat Rejects Newborn Kittens ~ Taking Over Care ~ Warm Them & Feed Them - 3 Days Old

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How to Safely Bottle Feed a Kitten

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Cats are lazy with them, life is different without them, let's discuss

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Provide Food and Water. Extreme cold weather can increase a cat’s energy and nutritional needs. Wet food in insulated containers is ideal for cold weather because it takes less energy to digest, which means more energy for the cat to stay warm....
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Cats don't burn carbohydrates for energy and fuel. Instead, think of their diets like a high protein, high fat, low carb diet. Additionally, since cats need quite a lot of water throughout the day, avoiding kibbles and dry foods can ensure that your cat stays hydrated....
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Even though your cat is grown, she may still crave milk. Like people, cats associate certain flavors and scents with positive memories, so milk is like comfort food for them. Although your cat shouldn't drink milk for a meal, you can satisfy her cravings with foods prepared with it as an ingredient....
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Outdoor cats will go find somewhere cool to spend the day when it's in the 90s or higher here. When it's hits 100F they, like many other animals, don't want to come out of their hiding spots. So I'd answer no, cats do not like hot weather....
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These cats should only be given lactose-free milk. Cats that aren't lactose intolerant can be given a small amount of cow's milk, but it's still better to give them yogurt, kefir, or goat's milk instead....
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