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  • Obesity is a very likely reason why your cat sleeps a lot.

    Apart from overfeeding, obesity in cats may also be caused by an imbalanced diet and lack of exercise.

    An average cat should be fed three to four small meals daily.

    Feed him a lean, protein-rich diet.

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How Many Hours A Day Does A British Shorthair Cat Sleep For?

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What do cats do all day? And how much do cats sleep?

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Pet Questions: Why Does My Cat Sleep All Day?

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Normal Sleep. Predators need lots of sleep because hunting is so energy-consuming. Even though your cat's hunting consists of jumping up on the counter to reach his bowl, he is evolutionarily conditioned to sleep a lot to prepare for hunting....
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The most common causes of head tremors in your pet are from cerebellar abnormalities, which affect your cat’s brain. However, this condition can also cause the entire body to shake. The cerebellum in your cat is part of their brain, and when there is an incomplete development of this part of the brain, it causes tremors....
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If it worked for them and they liked it, they will sleep in the doorway again to get a similar reaction. This is often why cats sleep in bedroom doorways. They know you’ll be coming out in the morning and they can get your attention and remind you it’s feeding time....
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"When a cat goes to sleep, their guard is lowered and they're aware that they're more vulnerable, so often cats may choose to sleep at the foot of the bed for security and safety, to alert you if they sense a threat, and to protect you," Erin told POPSUGAR....
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In your cat’s mind, it is often you who is sleeping by it’s feet, not the other way around. Since you live in their territory and it recognizes you, it lets you sleep at its side. Besides the fact that your cat likes to sleeping on you, or lay next to you: a cat will show you affection or trust by licking you....
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