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Also, cats have scent glands on their cheeks and lips which secrete feel-good pheromones when they rub on objects (such as the sofa, doors, YOU), and a kiss from their human companion may be seen by your cat a similar demonstration of affection and ownership as the cat would display to you.

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Crazy Cat Man

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Parasites, such as Toxoplasmosis, can sometimes be transmitted to humans through unsafe handling of kitty litter. If you know your cat has any of the diseases above, be careful to keep your distance until he or she is well again....
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I’ve experienced some significantly solid benefits to kissing cats on the lips: There are all kinds of studies about hugging and other forms of affection causing the body to release endorphins. When I smooch my kitties on the lips, I feel extra-close to them — closer than when I kiss the the tops of their heads or back haunches....
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One classic way that a feline may attempt to "kiss" a human is by headbutting them. If your cat rubs her cheeks and chin against you, she may be saying something like, "Hi. I love you! " Cats can sometimes be confusing creatures, however....
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To Hug or Be Hugged…. Cats also love to knead to show contentment. This is something they begin as kittens, and it serves multiple purposes, including stimulating milk production in their mother, marking their territory through scent glands in their paws, and making their sleeping surface more comfortable....
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Kittens tend to interact with their owners the same way they interact with other cats. Licking, which owners frequently refer to as kissing, is a common cat behavior that can be caused by a number of factors....
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