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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Won’t Stop Meowing At You

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  • There are a few different reasons behind a cat suddenly becoming hyper out of nowhere.

    Very rarely is it something to worry about and it is considered completely normal.

    Cats of all ages can experience this, including senior cats.

    The main three causes are a relaxed environment, nutrition spikes, and boredom.

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This Is Why Cats Bite You Sometimes When You Pet Them

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Which brings us back to the hyperactivity of your particular cat… because honestly it’s not anything like being hyper as a human. It’s not about wanting to play to have fun per say, instead it’s about that crazy high feline prey drive, and to us humans the actions that result looks a lot like a hyperactive sugar-loaded homosapien child....
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Not all unwanted behavior from cats is behavioral. With older cats, the most common physical reason for overactive activity is hyperthyroidism. Cats with this condition have an overactive thyroid gland, which is the control mechanism for their energy levels....
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The most logical explanation is that this behavior could simply be pent-up energy in your cat. Cats spend lots of time lying around just watching the world go by. But they do have energy to burn just like any other animal....
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Cats also become extremely active when in heat, a female in heat can become hyperactive, and a male cat can also become hyperactive if he senses females in heat. If, your cat is hyperactive during these times only then spaying, or neutering may be effective, and this may be a good time to discuss the situation with your vet....
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