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Ragdoll Cats Fall Out of 2nd Story Window - ?? - ????? -- Floppycats

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Researcher Explains Why Cats May Like Their Owners as Much as Dogs WIRED

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  • After all, most people don’t spend hours looking out windows day after day, so why do cats like windows?

    Cats like windows because they stimulate their interests.

    Compared to a room only with walls, cats use windows for sunning themselves for added warmth and to explore nature.

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12 Things Cats Love the Most

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Cats like to look out the window for the same reasons humans do: 1 To see what’s going on outside. 2 Because they are bored with looking at the same things they always see in the house. 3 To check on the weather....
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Cats are skilled at entertaining themselves. Staring is an effective technique cats use to keep themselves busy, whether they gaze ahead while begging, stalking or just zoning out. Cats enjoy looking out the window for many reasons, from staring at the wildlife outside to just catching some breeze to cool them off....
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Cats that are kept inside will literally follow the sun from window to window, room to room. They enjoy it, yes, but they’re also driven by the need to take care of themselves. To see what’s going on outside....
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It may be tempting to let your cat outside to explore the great outdoors, especially if you've seen her trilling at birds while looking out the window, or looking like she wants to play with the neighbor cat next door....
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According to Mother Nature Network , cats crave warmth because they’re descended from desert animals. Because of that, cats are hardwired to thrive when they’re toasty. So, despite the fur coats, cats like warm things because they like being much warmer than we like for ourselves....
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