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Taming a Feral Cat Capture the Cat.

This is a no-brainer.

Designate a Training Room.

Even if the cat is quite used to being around you, she is still feral, and you need to give her a lot of space in.

Provide Essentials.

Provide a Cave.


Touching/Physical Interaction.

House Training.

Visit the Vet.

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A truly feral cat (rather than a stray) is unlikely to make a good house pet. They lack the basic exposure to humans during the crucial socialization period. This means the cat is life-long hard-wired to be distrustful of people, and do whatever it takes to avoid being close to them....
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Most veterinarians believe that feral cats cannot be tamed , though animal rescue agents often disagree. If a feral cat is to stand any chance of house training, it must be young. Older feral cats are completely wild....
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Taming a feral cat is difficult and comes with no guarantee that the taming will be successful. In addition to being a challenge, taming a feral cat can take a lot of time: feral kittens could be tamed in as little as two to six weeks, but it could be a year or more before an adult feral cat is tamed....
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Place an opened carrier in the cat’s living area with a blanket inside, as an inviting place to sleep. Put treats in the carrier to help entice her inside and practice simply shutting the door while she is in there....
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We usually recommend adopting a feral cat only in situations where the cat sustained an injury and requires constant care and medication or you are fostering a pregnant or nursing feral cat who seems like she can be socialized....
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