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That's Why Your Cat Sleeps with You

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Funny answer about kittens I would like more answers

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  • The main reason for a cat rolling over in the sun is to expose its belly.

    The cat will enjoy the feeling of sun, but fur blocks much of the heat.

    By rolling over, the sun hits the cat’s bare belly.

    This is a fast-track to warmth and enhanced body temperature.

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Is Your Cat a Sun Worshipper?

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12 Things Cats Love the Most

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Sleeping in the sun is a common trait in cats, as they seek out the toastiest location in the home, whether that is the window sill, rug or couch. The reason why cats sleep in the sun is in order to conserve energy while they sleep, as their body temperature drops....
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Cats do not need sunlight like humans and other animals do. Cats do not need sunlight to be healthy but these animals sure do love basking in the warmth of the sun. Cats would be content to lie down on spots where sunshine is pouring in....
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According to Mother Nature Network , cats crave warmth because they’re descended from desert animals. Because of that, cats are hardwired to thrive when they’re toasty. So, despite the fur coats, cats like warm things because they like being much warmer than we like for ourselves....
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It’s in a cat’s primal instincts to rip apart and play with their prey, so it’s for that reason that many vets believe that cats tear up cardboard boxes. Cats may choose to shred cardboard boxes with their nails or teeth as a form of relaxation and play when they have a lot of energy....
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If you have a cat in your home, you’ve probably seen it perching. Cats love to perch for a number of reasons: 1. Survey the Surroundings. When a cat is able to perch in a higher position, it’s much easier to see everything that’s around....
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