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Siamese cats are good pets.

They are friendly, active cats with distinct personalities who make excellent companions.

Siamese cats are intelligent cats who are highly trainable.

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As in the case of most cats, the best diet for a Siamese cat consists of a mixture of dry food, wet food and fresh food provided through homemade meals. The healthiest fresh food for your Siamese cat are slices of cooked ham and turkey....
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Siamese cats do not like to be left alone unlike some other cats who prefer to stay away from humans. Siamese instead tend to interfere in the daily lives of people around them especially the ones with whom they have stayed for long....
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Siamese is a breed in and of itself — it is based not just on coat color but structure, conformation, pedigree, and other genetics. So having points alone does not make a cat a Siamese nor mean they have a Siamese parent, or any other purebred lineage....
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There are two reasons why Siamese cats are called Siamese. Originally, Siamese cats come from Thailand. That is the country of their origin and before 1932 Thailand was called Siam. Chocolate point Siamese cat on Thai stamp....
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