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At about five or six weeks of age, a mother cat will begin teaching her kittens how to hunt.

At first she brings dead mice to the kittens.

She will eat some of the mice in front of the kittens.

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As strange as it may seem to some people, cats are not born knowing how to hunt. It is a skill they learn from watching their mothers. If the mother cat is a good hunter, then her kittens will learn to be good hunters....
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Around the final two weeks of pregnancy, a mother cat might show nesting behavior. Before queening, or giving birth, she will seek out an isolated, quiet and dark place to have her kittens. You may want to provide a large box with dry paper, towels or blankets in the location she seems to prefer....
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Hunting is an instinctual behavior in all cat species, whether wild or domestic. For this reason, mother cats teach their kittens to kill. They begin this process by familiarizing the kittens with prey animals....
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That would also give you a good vantage point to observe the mother cat behavior towards kittens after giving birth. Let the mother cat choose to move her kittens or not. Kitten Care says you do not have to move the kittens for her....
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