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How to Keep Feral and Outdoor Cats Warm and Safe in Winter Build or Buy a Cat Shelter.

The best way to keep your outside cat warm in winter is to have a safe place for it to sleep.

Set Up Heaters or Warming Pads.

Depending on your budget, another great way to help keep outdoor cats warm is by having one of those enclosed oil-filled radiator heaters.

Provide Cats With Plenty of Fresh Food.

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How to help them Offer food If you don't mind accepting responsibility for the "community cats" you can help keep them healthy by offering food. Provide winter shelter Feral cats may be used to the outdoors, but they still need somewhere to fo when the temperature dips....
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If there aren’t feral cats in your neighborhood or you are not able to help trap and release them, there are other ways you can help feral cats around the country. Consider donating financially to an organization that spays and neuters feral cats, or help raise awareness about the best methods to care for feral cats....
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If you have the time, getting involved in TNR work is a great way to help the feral cats in your own neighborhood. Even if you can’t get so deeply involved, getting in touch with your local TNR group can help the cats in your neighborhood get the care and attention they need and deserve....
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There are safe and humane ways to trap a feral cat, and the best way is to get a special cage. Research the organizations in your area that practice TNR;they will often let you borrow one of their traps....
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