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Although they may be attracted by free-flowing water from a faucet, try to put them in a tub of water and you are in for a fight.

Pull the plug and leave the tub unattended you may soon see that same kitty sneak by and jump behind the curtain to play with the water droplets or watch a trickle of water go down the hole of the drain.

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She is also fond of the bathtub, especially when it is nice and wet from a recent shower! A favorite of many water-obsessed cats is the kitty water fountain. Some will just sit and watch, mesmerized by the bubbling action while others will dip in their paws or try to catch the running water....
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If there is an area where you don’t want your kitty to be, a counter or table for example, a gentle squirt of water is enough to send them running and discourages future visits to the area. Wet or dry, cats like to be in control of their environment....
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It turns out there’s some very good evolutionary reasons that cats prefer running water over the supply in their bowl. Plus there is a simple, healthy solution that kitties love! Our domestic felines’ oldest ancestors hailed from desert climates and were able to subsist on little water....
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It can affect their digestive system. Putting ice in your cat’s drinking water can obviously make the water very cold. Drinking icy cold water too much at a time can cause stomach discomfort, as well as a slowed-down metabolism if given to them on a regular basis....
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It’s most often transmitted to humans through bites, scratches and licks from a cat, and according to WebMD, you’re more likely to get it if your cat sleeps in your bed. 6. Fecal matter It’s time to face the facts....
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