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Both dogs and cats can be dangerous, but cat bites are more dangerous than dog bites because cats have sharper teeth that can easily penetrate the skin and cause infections. However, cats are smaller than most dogs, which means it’s easier to handle an aggressive cat than an aggressive dog....
asked by Skylyr (470 points)
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Also the bacteria in a cats mouth can sometimes be more harmful than those in a dogs mouth. If the cat was the same size as the dog, it could definitely hurt you worse. This is because cats are full of teeth and 4 sets of razor sharp claws....
asked by Ivanah (330 points)
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Cat bites can actually be more dangerous, however, because a cat’s fangs dramatically curve inward and when they bite, the bite goes deep. They don’t do as much damage, or so it appears. The wound heals quickly on the skin’....
asked by Salvador (280 points)
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Dogs and cats are a lurking household danger, according to a new report showing the pets cause all kinds of injuries related to falls. The pet trips — estimated at more than 80,000 a year — occurred while people were chasing after them, stepping over them, breaking up a Fido fight, and other scenarios....
asked by Kende (630 points)
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