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The cat would only cry outside my door. That was alleviated when we got my other cat, the 2 were buddies, and they just hung out in the living room. Now I have moved, and my older kitty is crying outside my door again....
asked by Nesha (560 points)
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If your cat is sleeping outside of your bedroom door it’s highly likely they are guarding you while you sleep. They will have worked out that the doorway is the only entrance and exit to and from your room....
asked by Rafer (540 points)
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If your cat likes to sleep in a doorway in your home and you’re wondering why it’s likely to be due to one or more of the following reasons: The key takeaway is that it’s not that hard to train them not to sleep in doorways if it’s really annoying or an inconvenience to you....
asked by Oaklie (370 points)
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It happened when I first got him, and the only real way to stop it was for me to go to bed while my roomate played with him, then he'd go to bed 10 minutes later. The cat would only cry outside my door....
asked by Aimee (700 points)
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Most of our members let their cats sleep with them as I do. If I were to close the bedroom door I would not be getting any sleep. Alley would be crying her little heart out and Persi would be handling the matter in true Persi fashion, he would be throwing himself against the door....
asked by Albee (240 points)
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