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Losing a kitty is a scary time;here are seven things you can do to help the search if your indoor cat got lost! If you are the owner of an indoor cat, one of your greatest fears is that your cat will get out....
asked by Jabar (170 points)
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A cat owner is remodeling her home and doesn't have room for her unhouse-trained cats. Let's work to make this not happen. Lifestyle Does Your Cat Need Some Space? A reader recently submitted the following query: Ten years ago my husband and I found two cats in a tire in the woods....
asked by Sayyida (310 points)
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Introduce the cat to water early. Kittens are more likely to be calm around water the earlier you introduce them to it. Within the first few months of the cat's life, it's ok to try to introduce them to water calmly and gently, going a little at a time....
asked by Sami (220 points)
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Cats tend to get really active just before eating, and just after is the perfect time to try to introduce your kitten to water, if necessary. Trim the cat's claws before you try to introduce it to water, and wear long sleeves when you're trying to play with the cat in water....
asked by Jov (390 points)
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The best way for a cat to contact water is with its paws. Use a small spray bottle to wet a small washcloth with warm water and get the kittens paws wet. Wait a while and let the cat feel the sensation....
asked by Jaecee (190 points)
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Euthanasia is indicated for a cat when two conditions are met. First, the cat must be suffering. Second, there must be no other way to alleviate the suffering. The second condition can get into a tricky area when (as it usually is) money is involved....
asked by Sebastia (500 points)
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Sleeping pills: sleeping pills are one of the most effective methods to euthanize cats. There are so many sleeping pills available in the market, and the government has allowed people to use these chemical drugs to euthanize pets....
asked by Covy (410 points)
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Similarly, there is no need to put a cat to sleep simply because a terminal condition such as cancer has been diagnosed - the cat may well be able to live several more happy months. However, when your cat is suffering from extreme pain which is difficult to control, your vet may suggest that euthanasia is the kindest option....
asked by Beni (160 points)
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Get a live trap. Live traps are extremely safe and simple mechanisms that catch cats easily and humanely. You bait the trap with food, and then the doors of the cage will close when an animal wanders inside, trapping it safely....
asked by Shelemya (280 points)
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The syllabus for CAT 2021 is more likely to consist the following topics: Averages. Percentages Ideally, CAT preparation requires 10-12 months' time duration I. e. 45-54 weeks of preparation.......
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Very interesting. I ask the community for a detailed answer.......
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Even if you make a choice between self study or joining a coaching, the 7 step strategy as shared below for CAT exam preparation 2020, according to the experts must consist of following components and must be completed at least a fortnight before the CAT exam day....
asked by Carmarit (510 points)
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Before taking the CAT exam, students must know the exam pattern &CAT syllabus in detail. The CAT exam pattern has seen several changes over the years. They can prepare a complete plan and also set priorities according to the importance of different topics across sections....
asked by Alcott (240 points)