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If the underlying coat pattern is one of a pointed cat (also referred to as a Siamese pattern), the blue eyes may come from the genetics of the pointed gene. A common misconception is that all white cats with blue eyes are deaf....
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Deafness can occur in white cats with yellow, green or blue irises, although it is mostly likely in white cats with blue irises. In white cats with mixed-coloured eyes ( odd-eyed cats ), it has been found that deafness is more likely to affect the ear on the blue-eyed side....
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A Siamese cat bites a human hand by Shutterstock. Other signs of feline deafness include very loud vocalization and rough play with other cats (because they can’t hear distress cries that indicate pain in their playmates)....
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Very interesting. I ask the community for a detailed answer.......
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The Siamese cat has no special nutritional needs, however it is vital to offer a high-quality diet that is appropriate for your cat's life stage. A diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates can help prevent obesity, particularly later in life....
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Siamese cats are notoriously picky about their food. Just like dogs, they will beg for food from their human parents and be fussy about their food. They can become so picky that they will even starve themselves to get the food they want....
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As in the case of most cats, the best diet for a Siamese cat consists of a mixture of dry food, wet food and fresh food provided through homemade meals. The healthiest fresh food for your Siamese cat are slices of cooked ham and turkey....
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The Siamese cat is the legendary temple cat of the King of Siam. Aside from its exquisite beauty, it is also valued by the king because the breed was used as guard cats. They would be perched on tall columns around the throne of the king and if anyone threatened the king, they would jump down from the pillars onto the individual....
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In fact, members of these royal families believed that a Siamese cat would receive their soul when they died—and the cat would spend the rest of his long life living in a temple and being pampered by monks and priests....
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Because the womb is very warm and blocks the cat's color gene from reaching her fur. Following birth and being exposed to the cooler atmosphere for a few weeks, Siamese kittens will start to develop pigment around their faces, tails, and paws....
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The Siamese is the legendary temple cat of the King of Siam. The Siamese is a long, elegant cat. The body is long, the neck is long, the legs and tail are long. The breed is medium sized but nicely muscled....
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The Siamese cat breeds in today’s world have two basic body types known as Traditional (Applehead) Siamese, and the Extreme (Wedgehead) Siamese.......
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Siamese cats have crossed eyes because of Strabismus. This condition causes the eyes to not line up with each other, and is a genetic condition. The center of the retina is shifted for both eyes, causing them to naturally not see straight....
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