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There are several reasons that lead cats to sleep on top of their human companions, so we will explain in detail several of them. Want to feel safe As with other mammals, for cats it is very important feel secure, especially when sleeping, because during these hours they lower their guard and increase the chances of being attacked by any predator....
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Very interesting. I ask the community for a detailed answer.......
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About 96 percent of cat owners allow their cats to sleep in the bedroom. Almost 50 percent of those cats are allowed to sleep in the bed. And 38 percent of those sleep on the pillow with the owner. It should be noted, too, that younger cats prefer the pillow, while older cats prefer to sleep at the foot of the bed....
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Safety. Cats are mesopredators. This means that cats hunt and kill smaller animals but are also prey to apex predators.......
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Claiming Territory. Cats only feel comfortable sleeping in a territory they have claimed. This is usually done by.......
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