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In general, stray cats are shy and not dangerous if they are left alone. But if you attempt to catch or handle them, or if you come into contact with contaminated areas, there are risks. A stray cat is a cat that has at one point or another had a home but it has found itself either abandoned or lost....
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But young male cats in particular can be very active hunting at night. It’s when these natural hunting instincts kick in at night that a lot of cats will walk around with a toy in their mouth simulating that they’ve caught and killed something....
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Once you have a clear view of the area normally hidden by your cat’s tail, the gender identifier is the opening below the anus, which is the first thing you’ll see under the tail on both males and females....
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About a month ago, one cat (Moe) in a 2-cat household started to eat his wet food by scooping it out of his dish with his paw and licking it off his paw, with no signs of distress or anything. His brother doesn’t do this....
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Very interesting. I ask the community for a detailed answer.......
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Cats love us even when we're down. Many cats seem to know when their owners are sad or depressed, and react with affection or simply by spending more time nearby. Cats don't expect us to be always-on or perfect....
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Very interesting. I ask the community for a detailed answer.......
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