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Spring and Summer. Cats shed their heavier winter coats naturally in the spring and summer months in anticipation of the warmer weather. In fall and winter, cats grow thicker coasts in multiple layers to keep themselves warm....
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Another version says our cats sleep at the feet because we don't give the possibility to sleep near us. The third version says that a person receives energy from space and gets it from upperparts. Cats take the negatibe energy....
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Very interesting. I ask the community for a detailed answer.......
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Whenever you adopt a new cat, try to keep them indoors. It’s much easier to go from an indoor to outdoor cat than to go from an outdoor to indoor cat. Once cats have had that first taste of freedom, it’s tough to convince them to go back inside....
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Simply put, if your cat turns her nose up at the litter box, it may just be because it isn't clean enough. On a daily basis, carefully remove all waste from the box. On a weekly basis, thoroughly deep-clean the entire box using a gentle soap and lukewarm-to-warm water....
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There are two basic reasons why most cats hate water, and while science attributes these two reasons to genetics there is likely more going underneath the surface. The two reasons are: cats are control freaks and their coats being completely wet take a long time to dry out, making them uncomfortable....
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